August 11th Two local producers join forces in a ground breaking collaboration. Guest artists bailaor.cantaor: Manuel Gutierrez, guitarist Luisma Ramos join Julia Alcantara’s team, while vocalist: Ali Pervez and Tabla Player: Shantilal Sha. The convergence of virtuosos at the Latino Cultural Center is sure to be a night to remember. 

In a series of unique collaborations, Alcantara Arts & Entertainment seeks to spread awareness of Flamenco to dance lovers of all kinds. Hindustani ensemble Sangeet Millennium is the partner for  the next performance in this exciting series. Together with Kathak Rhythms studio, we will reach into Flamenco's mysterious past following the gypsies' roots all the way back to India. Come and see how Kathak dance and flamenco still bear so many resemblances after centuries of evolution.