The Fusion series continues to educate fans on the roots of the Spanish art form in Middle Eastern culture. Dallas Legend Jamal Mohamed serves as the Musical Director for this unique collaboration with Julia Alcántara of Ida y Vuelta Flamenco. 

“We will be exploring flamenco's mysterious past in Morocco. The Moors ruled Spain for hundreds of years, and their influence still shows in the music and architecture of Spain today,” says Ms. Alcántara. “The concert will feature authentic flamenco dance by Ida y Vuelta, cante by singer-guitarist Carlos Garcia, Middle Eastern musical arrangements by Jamal's "World Ensemble" and dancing by the Mid-East dance troupe, Na’Di el Raks.

The grand finale will showcase 3 songs from one of flamenco's most famous LP's. Released in 1979, singer El Lebrijano created "Encuentro" with the Orchestra of Tangier. The results of their collaboration stunned the world with its intense sensuality and mesmerizing cante of both styles. 

Ida y Vuelta Flamenco and the World Ensemble will create a synopsis of the of the album’s tale a love story between the Spanish princess, danced by Julia Alcántara, and the Moroccan prince, danced by Zyriab Alshefei.

The dress rehearsal on Thursday, August 8 will be open to Middle Eastern refugees served by the DFW International Community Alliance. Of the families that arrived in 2015, about 5 percent are from Iraq, 20 percent are from Syria, and 75 percent are from Afghanistan. This concert’s music and dance will put these families, struggling to belong in this country, in direct contact with something that reminds them of home.