ricardo diaz - guitarist 

"Ida Y Vuelta flamenco dance company is world class art! Such spirit, excitement and artistic integrity inspires the audience in ways they will long remember"

Ricardo Díaz is one of the top flamenco guitarists in the world, both as an accompanist to dancers

and singers and as a solo artist. Born in Argentina and currently a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, he studied in Spain with “El Entri,” “Canito,” José Luis Rodrigues, and “El Viejin.”

Mr. Díaz performs not only in festivals and tablaos all over the world, he also works with renowned American and international dance companies, such as Flamenco Vivo/Carlota Santana of New York City, Teatro Flamenco of San Francisco, Caterina Costa of Rome, Flamenco Sur of France, and Yjastros Dance Company, Albuquerque. He is also artistic director of the Alma Flamenca dance company of Canada. He has toured with prominent artists such as: Andrés Marín, Alejandro Granados, Pastora Galván, “La Tania,” Jesus Montoya, Marisol Encinias, Timo Lozano, Vicente Griego, Jose Anillo, Carola Zertuche, and Mónica Bermúdez.

His performances have been presented by numerous prestigious organizations and at international venues, including the St. Louis Flamenco Society, the Flamenco Jondo Festival in Vancouver, the Theater d’Iouille and the Festival d’Avignon in France, the Caja Negra and Peña Niño Alfalfa in Sevilla, the Teatro Greco and El Aventino in Rome, and by the Embassies of Spain in Canada and El Salvador.

In addition, Mr. Díaz has performed in Japan, China, Denmark, Germany, Argentina, Switzerland,

Holland, and throughout the U.S. (including Hawaii) and Canada. His album, Travesuras (“Pranks”), recorded in Jérez de la Frontera, Spain, is considered by flamenco aficionados to be one of the best recent discs. It has sold over 10,000 copies, to date. Guest artists on the album include: Cristo Cortés, Luis Carrasco, el Bo, Juan Grande, Rami Ziadeh, El Nono de Jérez, José Cortés, Niño Jero, Rosario de la Melchora, Bernardo Parrilla, Nacho Fajardo, “La Junquera,” and Luis Moneo.

Mr. Díaz also composed original music for the play, Dracula, which was premiered in Dallas in 2013 by the Ochre House Theatre and the Dallas Flamenco Festival. In addition to performing, recording, and composing, Mr. Díaz gives guitar workshops and private